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Welcome to our detailed post on the beautiful Jain Stavan “Saiyam Maro Shwash”. In this post, we will explore the complete lyrics, their meaning, and some insightful information about the significance of this spiritual hymn.

About the Stavan: Saiyam Maro Shwash (Hindi Lyrics)

“Saiyam Maro Shwash” is a soulful Jain Stavan that emphasizes the importance of self-restraint and spiritual awakening. This hymn is revered by Jain followers for its deep philosophical and spiritual meanings.

Saiyam Maro Shwash (Hindi Lyrics) – Complete Lyrics

पर थी थया पराया, अमे स्व ना सगा थया
संसार नो सार समजी, परम ना पथीक थया
आतम थयो उजागर, परमात्मा थवा…

संयम मारो श्वास, संयम प्रभु नो एहसास
काया नो मेल धोवा, केटला भवो कर्या
आतम नो मेल धोवा, गुरु ना चरण मळ्या
गुरु ना वचन थी जाणे, सीध्धी ना द्वार खुल्या

संयम मारो श्वास, संयम प्रभु नो एहसास
दुनिया नी द्रश्टी छूटी, अंतर ना नयन खुल्या
प्रभु ने पामवा हवे, पल पल तरसी रह्या
प्रीत परम नी पामवा, प्रभु ना पगले चाल्या

संयम मारो श्वास, संयम प्रभु नो एहसास
जग मां मारुं न कोइ, ए सत्य ने समजी गया
आ आतम एकज मारो, ए सत्य ने जाणी गया
वीतरागी जेवा बनवा, अमे वैरागी थया

संयम मारो श्वास, संयम प्रभु नो एहसास

English Translation and Meaning of Saiyam Maro Shwash (Hindi Lyrics)

Verse 1: From being outsiders, we became our own, Understanding the essence of the world, we became the followers of the supreme path, The soul became enlightened, aspiring to become one with the supreme…

Chorus: Self-restraint is my breath, self-restraint is the sense of the Lord, To cleanse the body’s dirt, how many lifetimes we spent, To cleanse the soul’s dirt, we met the Guru’s feet, Through the Guru’s words, the doors to perfection opened.

Verse 2: Leaving the world’s vision, the eyes of the inner self opened, Now to attain the Lord, we yearn every moment, To attain the supreme love, we walked on the Lord’s path…


Verse 3: In this world, I have no one, understanding this truth, This soul alone is mine, realizing this truth, To become detached like the virtuous ones, we became ascetics…


Significance of Saiyam Maro Shwash (Hindi Lyrics)

The lyrics of “Saiyam Maro Shwash” convey profound spiritual messages about self-restraint, the transient nature of worldly attachments, and the journey towards enlightenment. This Stavan highlights the importance of the Guru’s guidance in achieving spiritual purity and ultimate liberation.

Conclusion on Saiyam Maro Shwash (Hindi Lyrics)

“Saiyam Maro Shwash” is more than just a hymn; it’s a spiritual guide that inspires Jain followers to lead a life of restraint and devotion. By understanding and embracing the teachings within these lyrics, one can progress on the path of self-realization and inner peace.

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