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The Story of Chakravarti Subhoum

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Story Summary:

Chakravarti Subhoum, a powerful ruler, reigned over the six continents of the earth. One fateful day, a simple meal turned tragic when Subhoum, angered by hot kheer served by his cook Jaysen, fatally burned him in a fit of rage. Jaysen reincarnated as Vyantardev in Lavan Samudra, driven by a thirst for revenge against the Chakravarti.

Disguised as a merchant, Vyantar approached Subhoum with tantalizing fruits, claiming they came from a mythical island garden. Intrigued, Subhoum fell into Vyantar’s trap, sailing with him into the sea where Vyantar unleashed a storm and revealed his true identity. Terrified, Subhoum sought refuge in the Namokar Mantra, momentarily shielding himself from Vyantar’s wrath.

Exploiting Subhoum’s disrespect for the mantra, Vyantar coerced him to write and erase it on water, sealing Subhoum’s fate. The Chakravarti drowned, condemned to the seventh hell for his sins.

This tale underscores the consequences of karma, the power of spiritual devotion encapsulated in the Namokar Mantra, and serves as a cautionary tale against anger and hubris.

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