Padampura Jain Temple: History, Architecture & Spiritual Significance

Padampura Jain Temple


Nestled in the heart of Jaipur, Padampura Jain Temple stands as a testament to faith, history, and architectural splendor. This comprehensive guide dives deep into the essence of this sacred site, uncovering its significance, history, and allure.

What is Padampura Jain Temple?

At its core, Padampura Jain Temple is a revered place of worship dedicated to Bhagwan Padamprabhu and other Jain deities. This circular marvel, adorned with a stunning 85-foot high spire, embodies timeless Jain architecture and spiritual sanctity.

Where to Find Padampura Jain Temple

Located prominently in Jaipur, visitors can easily locate this spiritual haven using Google Maps. Its accessibility ensures devotees and tourists alike can experience its tranquil ambiance and architectural grandeur.

Why Visit Padampura Jain Temple

Visiting Padampura Jain Temple offers a profound spiritual experience coupled with architectural marvels:

How to reach Padampura Jain Mandir

By Air- The nearest airport from Padampura Jain Mandir is Jaipur airport which is at a distance of few kms from this temple. From here you can easily reach this temple by using local transport services or taxi.

By Train- The nearest railway station from Padampura Jain Mandir is Jaipur railway station which is at a distance of few kms from this temple. From here you can easily reach this temple by using local transport services or taxi.

By Road- Roads to this temple are well connected with the other cities of the country so you can easily reach this temple by using your own vehicle or by any public buses or taxi from any part of the country.

Who Built Padampura Jain Temple

Mahorilal Godha, a businessman, gave as a charity a wide field to construct a unique circular temple made of marble, whose beautiful spire is 85 feet high. Foundation Stone of this temple was laid by Sir Seth Shri Bhagchandji Soni of Ajmer.

How Old is Padampura Jain Temple

Padampura Jain temple was built in 1944 CE upon discovered of a red stone idol of Padmaprabha. Padampura temple is a famous Jain pilgrimage and famous for miracles. The main attraction of the temple is a 27 feet (8.2 m) colossus of Padamprabha in kayotsarga posture.

Why Padampura Jain Temple is Famous

Padampura Jain Temple has gained renown for several reasons:

  • Its unique circular design and 85-foot marble spire captivate visitors.
  • The idol of Bhagwan Padamprabhu, known for its miracles and healing properties, draws devotees seeking blessings and solace.

What Makes Padampura Jain Temple Unique

Distinctive features that set Padampura Jain Temple apart include:

  • Marble Circular Temple: A rare architectural gem, symbolizing unity and eternity in Jain philosophy.
  • Miraculous Idol: Believed to have ended water scarcity and diseases, fostering prosperity in the region.
  • Colossal Statue: A 27-foot-high colossus of Bhagwan Padamprabhu stands majestically, adding to the temple’s allure.

Who Visits Padampura Jain Temple

Devotees from across the globe visit Padampura Jain Temple, drawn by its spiritual sanctity and architectural beauty. It serves as a pilgrimage site for Jain followers and a cultural landmark for all visitors.


Padampura Jain Temple transcends mere architectural brilliance; it embodies spiritual solace and cultural heritage. Whether you seek divine blessings or architectural marvels, a visit to this sacred site promises an enriching experience. Plan your journey to Padampura Jain Temple today and immerse yourself in its timeless charm.

By exploring its history, significance, and visitor experiences, Padampura Jain Temple emerges not just as a place of worship, but as a beacon of peace and cultural heritage. Discover the allure of this spiritual gem and embark on a journey of enlightenment and architectural wonder.

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