Jain Om/Aum Symbol: Meaning, History, and Significance

Jain Om(Aum) Symbol

Introduction to the Jain Om(Aum) Symbol

In Jainism, the symbol “Om” or “Aum” holds profound significance, representing the five supreme beings, known as Parameshthis. This sacred symbol, often referred to as the Jain Om symbol, encapsulates the essence of Jain philosophy and serves as a powerful Jain Symbol emblem of the faith’s core principles.

Meaning of Jain Om(Aum) Symbol

The Jain Om symbol, derived from the initials of the five Parameshthis – Arihanta, Asrira (Siddha), Acharya, Upadhyaya, and Muni, symbolizes their virtues and teachings. Each letter in “AUM” corresponds to one of these divine entities, signifying their importance in Jain spirituality:

Meaning of Jain Om(Aum) Symbol
  • ‘A’ for Arihanta: Representing enlightened beings who guide followers on the path of liberation.
  • ‘A’ for Asrira (Siddha): Symbolizing liberated souls who have attained moksha.
  • ‘Ā’ for Acharya: Signifying spiritual teachers who impart Jain knowledge.
  • ‘U’ for Upadhyaya: Representing learned scholars who teach Jain scriptures.
  • ‘M’ for Muni: Symbolizing ascetic monks dedicated to spiritual pursuits.

History of the Jain Om(Aum) Symbol

The usage of the Jain Om symbol dates back to ancient times and finds mention in scriptures such as the Dravyasamgrah. This symbol has been revered in Jain tradition as a condensed form of reference to the Parameshthis’ names, emphasizing their significance in Jain spirituality.

Significance and Relevance of Jain Om(Aum)

The Jain Om symbol is a sacred emblem that serves as a reminder of Jain principles and the path to spiritual liberation. Chanting the Navkar Mantra, which begins with “Om Namo Arihantanam,” invokes the blessings of the Parameshthis and reaffirms one’s commitment to Jain teachings.


The Jain Om symbol, with its deep-rooted meaning and historical significance, remains central to Jainism, guiding followers on their spiritual journey. Understanding its relevance and incorporating it into one’s spiritual practice strengthens the connection to Jain philosophy and fosters inner growth towards enlightenment. Embracing the Jain Om symbol is a testament to the enduring legacy of Jain teachings and the pursuit of spiritual harmony.

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