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Mangal Deevo

In Jain tradition, Mangal Deevo, the single-wick lamp, holds a profound symbolism representing the illumination of hearts with truth and compassion. Lit and waved in a circular motion after Ärati, this sacred lamp serves as a beacon of light, guiding practitioners towards enlightenment and liberation.

The Ritual of Mangal Deevo

Following the Ärati ceremony, the Mangal Deevo is lit and waved in a circular motion. The flame, ignited on a cotton wick soaked in oil, illuminates the face of the Jina, symbolizing the illumination of divine knowledge. Through this ritual, Jains express their aspiration for their hearts to be similarly illuminated with truth and compassion.

Symbolism of the Single Lamp

The Mangal Deevo, with its single wick, carries profound symbolic significance within Jainism:

  • Illumination of Hearts: The lamp represents the aspiration for inner illumination, with the light symbolizing truth, compassion, and divine knowledge. By waving the lamp, Jains seek to invite these virtues into their lives, illuminating their hearts with the wisdom of the Jina.
  • Kevaljnän (Infinite Knowledge): The single lamp also symbolizes kevaljnän, the highest form of knowledge attained by liberated souls (Siddhas). It represents the ultimate state of enlightenment and spiritual realization, where one transcends all limitations of the mind and attains omniscience.

Spiritual Implications

Through the ritual of Mangal Deevo, Jains invoke the blessings of the Jina and seek guidance on their spiritual journey. The act of waving the lamp symbolizes the dispelling of ignorance and the awakening of inner wisdom. By illuminating the face of the Jina, practitioners express their reverence and aspiration to embody the qualities of enlightenment in their own lives.

Cultivating Virtue and Compassion

Mangal Deevo serves as a reminder for Jains to cultivate virtue and compassion in their daily lives. By seeking illumination from the lamp, practitioners strive to align their actions with the principles of Jain ethics and the teachings of the Jina. The lamp represents not only external illumination but also the inner light that guides one towards liberation and spiritual fulfillment.


In Jain rituals, Mangal Deevo holds a sacred significance, symbolizing the illumination of hearts with truth, compassion, and divine knowledge. Through its single-wick flame and the act of waving, practitioners express their devotion to the path of enlightenment and liberation. By invoking the blessings of the Jina and aspiring for inner illumination, Jains reaffirm their commitment to living a life guided by the principles of non-violence, truthfulness, and compassion, ultimately leading to spiritual growth and fulfillment.

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