MAN MOHI LIDHU GIRNARE (HINDI LYRICS) – Jain Stavan | Complete Lyrics and Meaning

Man Mohi Lidhu Girnare Hindi Lyrics


Welcome to our comprehensive post on the enchanting Jain Stavan “Man Mohi Lidhu Girnare”. In this post, we will share the complete lyrics, their meaning, and insightful information about the significance of this devotional song.

About the Stavan: Man Mohi Lidhu Girnare (Hindi Lyrics)

“Man Mohi Lidhu Girnare” is a captivating Jain Stavan that praises the virtues and spiritual beauty of Lord Neminath, a revered Tirthankara in Jainism. This hymn is beloved by Jain followers for its deep spiritual meanings and poetic expression.

Man Mohi Lidhu Girnare (Hindi Lyrics) – Complete Lyrics

यादो मा ने स्वप्नो मा बस तुं छे दिन रात,
ज्यारे थी भेट्यो तुजे बस एक तारी वात,
तुं दोष संताप टाळे,
तुं भवसागर थी उगारे,
तुं कर्म कोडो ना बळे,
तुं पापी ने पण तारे,

मन मोही लीधुं गिरनारे,
चित्त चोरी लीधुं नेमकुमारे

ज्यां साधना नी बहार छे, सिद्धि नो जे दातार छे,
सौंदर्य एवुं अपार छे, देवलोक ने पडकार छे,
साहससावाने संयम अंगीकार,
कैवल्य ने वर्या नेमकुमार,
समवसरण जिनबिंब जुहार,
रह नेमी ने तर्या राजुल नार

मन मोही लीधुं गिरनारे,
चित्त चोरी लीधुं नेमकुमारे

अरिष्ट ने अंजन समा गिरनार ना शणगार छे,
जेना प्रभावे कैंक नो तूट्यो अनंत संसार छे,
बिराजे प्यारा नेमकुमार,
छे धन्य धन्य ते कर्णविहार,
वर्षावता ते ब्रह्म जळधार,
सवी जीव ना ते तारणहार

मन मोही लीधुं गिरनारे,
चित्त चोरी लीधुं नेमकुमारे

English Translation and Meaning of Man Mohi Lidhu Girnare (Hindi Lyrics)

Verse 1: You dwell in my memories and dreams day and night, Since I met you, only your words matter, You remove faults and afflictions, You rescue from the ocean of worldly existence, You dissolve the strength of karmic knots, You even save sinners,

Chorus: Man Mohi Lidhu Girnare, Chitt Chori Lidhu Nemkumare

Verse 2: Where there is an abundance of spiritual practice, the giver of success resides, Such is the boundless beauty, it challenges even the heavenly realms, The courageous accepted self-restraint, Neminath embraced enlightenment, Bowed to the image of Jin in Samavasaran, Rajul and Neemi crossed over together,


Verse 3: Girinari adorned like a collyrium and anointing to the eyes, Whose influence broke the endless cycle of existence, Beloved Nemkumar resides there, Blessed is the sacred abode, Where divine waters shower, The savior of all beings,


Significance of Man Mohi Lidhu Girnare (Hindi Lyrics)

The lyrics of “Man Mohi Lidhu Girnare” celebrate the virtues and spiritual achievements of Lord Neminath. It emphasizes the transformative power of devotion and self-discipline, and how these virtues help in overcoming worldly attachments and attaining spiritual liberation. This Stavan highlights the purity and divine grace of Neminath, inspiring devotees to follow the path of righteousness and inner purity.

Conclusion on Man Mohi Lidhu Girnare (Hindi Lyrics)

“Man Mohi Lidhu Girnare” is not just a hymn; it is a spiritual journey that captivates the mind and soul, guiding Jain followers to lead a life of devotion and self-restraint. By understanding and embracing the teachings within these lyrics, one can embark on the path of spiritual enlightenment and eternal peace.

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