Jain Animated Story of Namokar Mantra

Jain Animated Story of Namokar Mantra

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Story Summary

One day, Vasantasena, a courtesan, sees the necklace of Queen Mahārānī and desires it. Her lover, Dṛḍhasūrya, a thief, tries hard to persuade her, but she remains stubborn. Eventually, he is compelled by her stubbornness to steal the queen’s necklace. Caught by the soldiers due to the glitter of the jewels, he receives a harsh punishment from the king. However, while dying, the thief receives the Namokar Mantra from the wealthy merchant Dhanadatta. With the power of this great mantra, he becomes a celestial being in heaven and protects his benefactor, Dhanadatta. In the end, something happens that leads the king and the entire populace to accept Jainism. This story illustrates that.

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