Exploring the Wonders of Antariksh Parshwanath: A Sacred Trip to Shirpur

Antariksh Parshwanath

Understanding the History and Spiritual Essence

Discover the intriguing story behind Antariksh Parshwanath temple, located near Shirpur in Maharashtra. The temple houses a remarkable idol of Bhagwan Antariksh Parshwanath, made of sand, which stands at a height of nearly 105 cms. This ancient idol, believed to be 11,80,000 years old, sits in a unique posture, seemingly hovering in the air.

Antariksh Parshwanath: A Marvelous Creation

Antariksh Parshwanath A Marvelous Creation

The black-colored idol of Bhagwan Antariksh Parshwanath is a sight to behold. Crafted from sand, it portrays the deity in a semi-Padmasana posture, with a thin muslin cloth beneath it. This idol’s story dates back to the era of the 20th Thirthankar, Bhagwan Munisuvrat Swami, adding to its historical significance.

Antariksh Parshwanath Temple’s History

According to legend, King Khardushan, brother-in-law to King Ravana, created a sand idol during his travels. Placed in a well, the idol underwent a miraculous transformation initiated by a celestial being. Later, Chandravanshi King Shripal discovered the idol, leading to the establishment of Shirpur city.

Miracles, Devotion, and Artistry

Throughout its existence, the temple has undergone several renovations, with devotees sharing stories of miracles attributed to Bhagwan Antariksh Parshwanath. One such miracle involves Ganivarya Bhavvijay Gani, who regained his eyesight through prayers to the deity. Additionally, the idol itself, housed in the temple’s basement, is not only a symbol of spirituality but also a stunning piece of art.

Guidance for Antariksh Parshwanath Temple

If you’re planning a visit to Antariksh Parshwanath temple, it’s located 19 kms from Washim railway station and 72 kms from Akola. You can reach Shirpur by bus or private vehicle. The temple provides accommodation facilities, ensuring a comfortable stay for pilgrims.

Annual Fair and Nearby Temples

An annual fair, held at specific dates, attracts pilgrims and enthusiasts to the temple. Nearby stands a beautiful pinnacled temple dedicated to Bhagwan Vighnahara Parshwanath, adding to the spiritual ambiance of the area.

Scriptural References and Spiritual Heritage

The temple’s rich heritage is documented in various scriptures, reflecting its importance in Jain mythology. Idols of Antariksh Parshwanath are revered across India, underscoring the deity’s widespread spiritual presence.

Trust Information and Contact Details

Under the auspices of Shri Antariksh Parshvanath Shwetambar Jain Tirth, the trust welcomes seekers of divine blessings at Shri Antariksh Parshvanath Maharaj Sansthan, Shirpur, Maharashtra.

Devotional Hymn by Shri Yashovijayji Maharaja

More than 350 years ago, a Jain monk, Shri Yashovijayji Maharaja composed a beautiful stavan (devotional hymn) dedicated to Shri Antriksh Parshwanath, which included the following lines – 

कोड़ी देव मिलके न कर सके , एक अँगूठ रूप प्रतिचंद, 

ऐसो अद्भुत रूप तिहारो , बरसत मानु अमृत के बून्द , 

जय ! जय ! जय ! जय ! पास जिणंद , 

अंतरिक्ष प्रभु ! त्रिभुवन तारण, भविक कमल उल्लास दिणंद ! 

Translated, it would mean – 

“Even if the aura of a billon celestial beings be combined together, they would not be able to match even an ounce of your beauty!, Witnessing your divine beauty feels as if drops of nectar were falling from the heavens! O Lord Antriksh Parshwanath! Glory be to thee!” 

Ref took from: stories by arpit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can one reach Antariksh Parshwanath temple from Mumbai?

  • You can travel to Shirpur either by train to Washim or by road via private vehicle or bus.

3. Is there accommodation available for pilgrims near the temple?

  • Yes, the temple provides accommodation facilities for pilgrims seeking a place to stay during their visit.

4. Are there any other temples near Antariksh Parshwanath?

  • Yes, there is a beautiful pinnacled temple dedicated to Bhagwan Vighnahara Parshwanath nearby.

Embark on a spiritual journey to Antariksh Parshwanath and experience the divine aura of this ancient temple, where history, devotion, and miracles come together to create an unforgettable pilgrimage experience.

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